Why investing in a telecoms system that has hardware and long contracts is risky for SMEs

A report from Ofcom, SMEs’ Communications Needs, underlined that many small businesses are frustrated with the commitments that come with signing up to a leading business communications provider. Contracts could last up to six years, binding businesses to a package that they may outgrow and no longer be compatible with. 

SMEs can quite easily double in size or reduce in size over this period, making the existing hardware and contract conditions no longer capable of satisfying the needs of the business. This proved to be costly to many SMEs in the study, who revealed that they could not afford the high cancellation fees, forcing them to operate with a communications system that wasn’t suited to their business model.

With PiPoffice and PiPxt there is no physical hardware involved in the installation process, removing the risk of the equipment becoming obsolete or irrelevant to the business. All contracts are flexible and can be changed to suit the growing demands of the business.