Why the fear of losing continuity of service prevents many SMEs from switching providers

In Ofcom’s report, SMEs’ Communications Needs, many small businesses highlighted deficiencies in their communications providers, underlining their inability to fully meet the demands of their business. But despite sharing a level of dissatisfaction, many of these SMEs were reluctant to switch to a new provider. 

One of the major reasons behind this was the fear of losing continuity of service, where they would have to endure a period without the internet. This is problematic for businesses who make calls via VoIP. When interviewed, the perception of many SMEs was that any switch to a new provider would likely involve:

  • A protracted period without internet that could result from unforeseen technical issues which would require hiring a specialist to solve;
  • Uncertainty around the quality of the internet connection in comparison with their existing supply;
  • The likelihood of being tangled in billing and contract disputes with their current supplier.

In contrast, PiPoffice is unobtrusive to a business’s existing telecoms process, offering users a seamless installation process that can be set up alongside an existing phone system. The set up is done virtually and can be completed within 24 hours, all without disrupting continuity of service.