The time it takes to switch providers is forcing businesses to operate with a telecoms solution that’s not fit for purpose

A report from Ofcom identified that one of the key reasons why businesses are reluctant to change providers is due to the hassle and time involved in making the switch. When experiencing either network or technical failures with their providers, SMEs were quoted a long lead time for repairs (one customer was told 30 days) and that it would take even longer to switch providers. 

Despite having contractual obligations with their current supplier, some businesses in the study had contacted other providers to see whether a new installation could be done more efficiently. Each was given similar lead times which made the switch not possible, entrapping them with a telecoms solution that wasn’t fit for purpose. 

How can I improve my telecoms setup quickly?

PiPxt integrates into your existing PBX phones system, extending the features to staff mobiles for use on the move. It requires no physical installation or hardware and you don’t need to change your existing PBX phone system. Staff members are instantly connected to the business phone system via an easy to use app.

With PiPoffice, the installation process is easy, efficient and straightforward. PBX functions can be complete within 24 hours and it takes less than five minutes for users to download the app onto their personal device and start making calls.