The installation of new business lines is disruptive and will lead to a loss of business numbers.

In a report by Ofcom titled SMEs Communications’ Needs, the research found that one of the main reasons why businesses were reluctant to change their telecoms provider was the fear of losing their existing number when switching business lines. 

SMEs expressed concern regarding the possibility of losing customers from having to change their business number, and therefore, could not justify tampering with a line of communication that customers were already familiar with.

This was problematic for some businesses when moving from a co-working office, who were forced to change their existing number and inform their customer base.

Can you change your business line without losing your business number?

PiPxt requires no physical installation or hardware and you don’t need to change your existing PBX phone system. Staff members are instantly connected to the business phone system via an easy to use app available to download from the Apple and Android stores. The app will ensure you are ready for staff being on the move post lockdown.

PiPoffice requires no physical installation and won’t cause permanent or long-lasting disruption to your existing setup. Installation is done virtually and can be done within 24 hours. Existing business numbers can be forwarded or a CLI can be applied to avoid disruption. Alternatively, we can port existing numbers for us on the PiPoffice system.