The Fourth Option

There are many considerations when choosing a mobile-first solution. The main drivers of the decision are convenience, function and cost. Historically, IT Managers and business owners have had three options to choose from when equipping employees with mobile communications tools. 

1) The Mobile Phone

Provide employees with company owned mobile devices and incur high capital and maintenance costs.

2) Nothing

Allow employees to use their personal mobile for work and reimburse them for business expenses. This system is demanding of employees, open to abuse and exposes the company to major compliance and administrative issues.

3) The Softphone

Allow employees to use their personal mobile with a cloud-based softphone app. This option has a personal cost to the employee as it uses their own data and sometimes call minutes in order to make calls. The call quality is low, and it drains the phones battery quickly.

All of these options are perceived to be convenient which is why they are widely used. But they are not the most cost-effective or functional.

There is a fourth option…  Introducing PiPcall… the business mobile phone solution

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What Is The PiPcall BYOD Solution?
The PiPcall app is the simplest way for team members to make and receive business calls and more on their personal mobile phones. Replacing business mobiles with PiPcall eliminates:

  • Cost and inconvenience of carrying two mobile phones
  • Unreliability of soft-phones
  • Inflexibility of desk phones
  • Hassle of forwarding calls from a landline number
  • Unprofessional image of using personal numbers for work

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