Flexibility In Numbers

Once you remove the mobile handset out of the mobile communications equation and replace it with a virtual business mobile phone system like PiPcall you suddenly realise that the costly restrictions around mobile communications are no more. Instead, you are left with powerful possibilities.

PiPcall offers six powerful ways to mix and match the use of number types depending on the needs of your team members.

1. Existing Business Numbers
If your business already has established landline and / or mobile numbers you can use connect these with the PiPcall system, temporarily, as part of the trial and permanently via porting when you upgrade your account.

2. Mobile Numbers
Assign new mobile numbers for employees that need to text and talk. This licence is called TALK & TEXT.

3. UK Geographic Landline Numbers
We can source you any UK landline area code; from Aberdeen (01224) to Yorkshire (0113). Area code selection is limited for trial accounts. If your desired area code is not part of the trial list, simply choose an area code from the trial list to begin with and we will make your desired area code available when you upgrade your account.

4. Reassign Numbers
When a employee leaves or a project finishes you can keep the number and reassign it to new employees, contractors or clients.

5. Buy Blocks Of Numbers
You can purchase a block of mobile or landline numbers for your PiPcall account so that your whole team can use similar looking numbers. We can source these for any area code.

6. IVR, Redirecting And Number Sharing
You can redirect inbound calls from a ‘master’ virtual number – that is displayed on your website – to individual PiP users. We can also programme each PiP user to display this ‘master’ number when they make outbound calls so customers and suppliers recognise the number no matter who is calling.

How easy is this to set up with PiPcall?

If you want to see just how easy it is to set up your virtual mobile phone system and assign virtual mobile phones to your team take a look at our demo video. It shows you how you can take advantage of PiPcall’s flexibility to assign your team members the most ideal PiPcall Licence.

It’s only when technology like PiPcall comes along do you realise how restrictive and inefficient traditional telecommunications are.