Smarter Telecoms, More Control & Better Cash Flow

The Industry Problem. The right telecoms are an essential tool for every small business. 83% agree that they would simply not be able to achieve their business goals without them (Source: Ofcom).

There is a huge amount of choice out there. Ofcom identified 29 communications services available to UK SMEs in a report called “The SME experience of communications services: research report”. The 29 communications services sit under four categories: Landlines, Internet, Mobile and Other Services (includes services like VoIP). Often, the best choice is hard to find. And often, the best choice is a combination of telecoms services.

Many companies, particularly SME’s, are now running operations purely over mobile networks. This is because smartphones span all four communications categories and do this almost anywhere the smartphone user chooses. But this has left employers with a particular dilemma.

The present situation requires them to either:

  • Allow employees to use their personal mobile for work and reimburse them for business expenses. This system is demanding of employees, open to abuse and also exposes the company to major compliance and administrative issues.
  • Provide employees with company owned mobile devices and incur high capital and maintenance costs.

Cash flow is key for SMEs

According to the aforementioned Ofcom report, telecommunications spend more than doubles as a business grows and the average telecoms spend in a business with one employee is over £1,105 a year  (source).

A 2018 report called “Billmonitor Business Mobile Report” found that 49% of UK SMEs spend twice what they need to for mobile phone services.

The Solution: PiPcall – A Business Mobile Inside Your Smartphone

The PiPcall app allows the employee to make high quality internal and external business calls, with a separate business mobile phone number:

  • If an employee needs to make a work call, they do it through the app at no personal cost.
  • The employee is given a separate work number linked to the app
    • the employee’s personal number remains separate and private
  • Incoming work calls appear as PIP calls – the employee keeps work and personal life separate
  • Calls are made using the networks of the UK’s ‘Big Four’ mobile operators, meaning quality and reliability are high. No unstable poor quality VoIP data calls

Employer Benefits

  • No high capital cost of company handsets
  • No expensive insurance, repair and replacement costs
  • Works on any network and on any smartphone

Employee Benefits

  • No need to carry two phones
  • Doesn’t use up their personal call plans
  • No need to give out personal numbers to business contacts