The Problem

How do you maintain control over business numbers and business contacts when calls and SMSs are being dealt with on a personal phone? Allowing calls and SMSs to be unregulated can open the door to a whole host of problems, but giving employees work phones is expensive, cumbersome and is generally an unfavourable option for staff.

But There Is Another Way…

There is a way everyone can ‘win’. Your employees can make business calls and SMSs from their personal phones, while posing no risk to your organisation. The business remains in control of all critical information and owns the business numbers assigned to employees.

A Company Owned Phone Number And Voice And SMS Plan, in An App

The PiPcall app provides a business mobile phone solution that is simple and easy to use, with no training required. Through the web portal, administrators can easily set up and allocate business numbers and call and SMS plans. Your employees are sent a link to the app store and simply install it on their personal mobile how they would any other app. Once this is done, your employees are free to make business calls – from a dedicated work line – directly from their personal mobile phone. The app uses the UK mobile voice network, not VoiP, which results in better call quality. And thanks to our patented technology, employee personal mobile minutes are never used. The bill for your entire team is centralised and paid directly by the business. It really is that simple.

Employees Love the Freedom of BYOD

The PiPcall app allows for a new level of work/life separation, due to the ‘do not disturb’ feature – employees can choose to direct their business calls to the dedicated business voicemail whenever they need to. Because the app is so conveniently located on their personal mobiles, a well implemented BYOD policy encourages more productivity amongst employees, as they can work whenever, wherever, and however they like. Employees also love a BYOD solution because they no longer need to carry around two mobiles, nor do they have to learn new software and systems.

And You’ll Love the Efficiency

Keeping your employees happy isn’t the only perk, though. The simple online portal allows for an administrator to assign, reassign and remove numbers from employees’ phones, meaning if an employee loses their mobile or leaves the company, your private information and contacts are not at risk. Using PiPcall as your BYOD solution can also reduce telecoms spend by up to 90%. The company does not have to pay for work phones for employees, nor the cost of their maintenance or repair. Your company pays one centralised usage bill per month, saving you hassle and admin time.

Want to Try PiPcall For Yourself?

Trial PiPcall free for 30 days – with free UK mobile and landline calls – to see if it works for your company; no credit card details required.