Learn How To Add A Business Line To Your Phone

For a long time, the answer to ‘how to add a business line to your personal smartphone’ was simple – you needed two phones. There are many reasons why someone might want a business line on their personal phone, for example, if they work remotely or from home, own a business, or simply just don’t want to carry around multiple phones. So, while the demand has always existed, the solution didn’t. And when it did, it wasn’t perfect. 

For a while, your options for two numbers were; to have a dual-sim running alongside your existing sim, or to use VoIP. Neither of these are great for someone who uses business functionality on their personal phone frequently. 

Second Sims

Dual-sims require either Sim Swapping, so unless the sim is in the phone, then you won’t receive calls and it will also jumble up any contacts and call records captured on your phone prior to the Sim being swapped. There are dual Sim devices, however, there’s a limited choice and they are at the higher end of smartphone range. E-sim sits as an alternative but again is limited by choice of devices that again sit in the higher price ranges  and only a limited amount of network operators providing supporting tariffs <hyper link to e-sim article>

Voice Over IP

For decent quality calls using VoIP software you have to rely on fast, reliable and lowly contended Wi-Fi – something you can’t guarantee if you work remotely and move around locations frequently. This is where we saw a gap in the market – something both bosses and employees alike needed but, it was something that simply did not exist.

With the latest innovations, it’s important to understand that you can quickly and conveniently add a business line to your personal smartphone with a really low-cost base. Read on to find out why learning how to add a business line to your personal smartphone can benefit your employees and is easy…

  • It’s more convenient for your employees

Gone are the days of having to carry two mobile phones, or being desk-bound, attached to your landline. As flexible working and working-on-the-go become more and more of an office norm, the need for business contact on a personal mobile will only continue to increase. The easiest, cheapest and most convenient method of this is adding a business line to your employees’ personal smartphones by way of an advanced business mobile phone app, such as PiPcall.

  • It means fewer missed calls for your business

Your employees, most likely, spend a vast amount of time on their personal mobile phone. In fact, according to studies, the average American spends 5.4 hours a day on their phone, while millennials spend 5.7 hours on their phones. If you spend that long looking at your phone screen, you’ll never miss a phone call – and answered phone calls are important to a business. If a phone call is the first portal into your business, it’s the equivalent of a first impression. If the call is left hanging or unanswered, it gives a negative impression of your business. If your calls are answered frequently and promptly, customers are much more likely to view your company favourably, which creates repeat business.

  • It means a better work/life balance for everyone

However – this doesn’t mean ‘your employees’ work/life balance will be disrupted the way it might with two phones or an e-sim. With PiPcall’s ‘do not disturb’ feature, your employees can simply divert calls to a business voicemail, to get back to when they begin their shift, or come back from holiday. Employees that get a break from work perform better in the workplace, are more productive, and generally feel more valued as a person by their employer.

  • It cuts down admin time

Because PiPcall creates one inclusive, centralised bill which can be directly paid by the business owner, it completely cuts out the middleman of having to expense business calls from a personal phone. This means less wasted time from the business’ admin team trawling through phone records, and fewer employees frustrated from having to foot the bill for business calls!

And best of all, we offer a 14-day free trial for everyone – no credit card required. Simply sign up here, or if you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch and a friendly member of our customer services will give you a call as soon as possible.