IVR Use Case – IVR

In this example we have an IVR set up with three routing options.

When a customer calls the main number they hear a greeting with destination options. In this example:

  • Press 1 for Sales
  • Press 2 for Support
  • Press 3 for Administration

Each option, when pressed,  is routed through to separate PiP users belonging to that department. If there is no answer from the PiP users the call is diverted to the main business voicemail.

IVR Use Case


With PiPoffice, your staff can make and receive business calls and texts from their personal mobiles at zero cost to them. All calls are made over the GSM network ensuring high-quality calls. Additional PBX functionality, like IVR, means your business can operate as normal no matter where staff are located.

This is one of the many use cases of PiPoffice. Visit the PiPoffice webpage for more information and to signup to a 30 day free trial.