Comparing The Functionality Of Mobile-First Solutions

Historically, traditional business telephony solutions had superior functionality. Not anymore. Mobile-first functionality is quickly pulling away.

Increased functionality combined with the popularity of mobile-first solutions is changing the ways employees want to interact with each other and with clients. Especially now, as most employees need a way to work from home easily.

With business telecoms evolving so quickly it is difficult for IT Managers to determine the most effective solution for their business.

In the table below we compare PiPcall – a new mobile-first technology – with more traditional business telephony options.

A major reason to adopt the PiPcall virtual phone system app is the broad range of functional BYOD benefits it offers. It uses a single device as opposed to employees carrying around two or more mobiles, admins can manage all uses via a web-based management portal and personal and work-based communications are separate. All this essential functionality for a business mobile phone comes with minimal hassle.

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About PiPcall

PiPcall is based in North London. The technology has been in development since 2016. PiP stands for “Phone In A Phone”. It’s a smartphone app that replaces the need for IT managers and business owners to supply employees with smartphones. Each user gets their own call plan and separate number plus a wide selection of other features. PiPcall is available on both Android and Apple. Calls are made over GSM mobile voice channels and not VoIP, like other calling apps.


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