Two Numbers, One Phone? Finally An Answer!

For a long time, the answer to the question ‘Can I have two numbers on one phone?’ was, quite simply: no. If you wanted two numbers, you needed two phones. But thankfully technology has moved on; from pay-phones and ‘brick’ phones that couldn’t fit in your pocket, to mobiles as slim as a credit card, that can have multiple phone numbers – technology is always evolving, and always for the better.

With PiPcall, the answer to the question ‘Can I have two numbers on one phone?’ is now yes! And best of all, you can have two phone numbers with no hassle, at a low cost.

How does it work?

PiPcall is an application downloaded to your personal phone that allows you to have two mobile numbers on the same mobile phone – this allows you to split your business mobile phone and personal phones without having to physically carry two phones with you. It also has so many other perks – such as centralised, inclusive billing, competitive rates, calling over a mobile telephone network, and a ‘do not disturb’ function. Read on to see how PiPcall can benefit you and your business.

So how can having two numbers on one phone work for you?

I’m an employer and need to provide business phones

For many years, employers have been expected to provide business phones to their employees, so that their employees can work on the go, take business phone calls when out of hours or out of office, and to improve their employees’ work/personal lives. The idea was that employees could separate their work and business lives, but so often this isn’t the case. Employees won’t miss a call if one comes through on their business phone, meaning they often work overtime while relaxing at home or on holiday – leading to resentful, stressed employees.

Additionally, providing employees with a mobile phone device for work purposes becomes a costly exercise for an employer. You must provide a device, pay for the contract, and often fund repairs and extra equipment and accessories necessary.

If you don’t provide a business phone – and expect employees to make calls from their personal phones – then your admin team will have to spend time and effort trawling through call lists to identify business calls – and then have to pay for the pleasure.

But with PiPcall, expensive devices and contracts, wasted admin time and bad work/life balance are a thing of the past.

Due to the BYOD (bring your own device) policy, an employee installs PiPcall on their own personal phone – saving you as an employer the funds and resources you would previously be paying out for extra phones.

Additionally, a PiPcall contract is inclusive and highly competitive, and – crucially – billed to one place. So not only do you save money, you no longer have to spend admin time searching through call records.

I’m an employee and need a business phone

Employees have had to carry around two phones for years, making sure you never miss a business call. But this isn’t convenient – you don’t want to have to carry multiple phones around. Additionally, you don’t like the fact you can be contacted 24/7 – you want to keep work and home life separate.

But the problem is, the other option isn’t great either; being able to be contacted on your personal phone, having to charge potentially pricey calls to your personal phone contract, and having to give out your personal number to clients.

With PiPcall, this is all a thing of the past. Because PiPcall is downloaded on your personal phone, you no longer have to carry around multiple mobiles – but this doesn’t mean your work/life balance is affected. In fact, it will only be improved. Because you can switch on PiPcall’s ‘do not disturb’ at the touch of a button, you can remain safe in the knowledge your business calss are diverted to a voicemail while you relax at home or on holiday.

Additionally, as your boss pays your PiPcall contract directly, you no longer have to make business calls from your personal phone and foot the bill.

And – perhaps best of all – PiPcall operates on a mobile telephone network rather than a VoiP system – meaning no more crackly phone calls or searching for Wi-Fi!

So yes – In answer to your question ‘Can I have two phone numbers on one phone? – yes, you can! Start your free trial, here.