How Much Money Could PiPcall’s BYOD Solution Save You?

There are many benefits to both employers and employees that may encourage your business to trial a BYOD solution for your business mobile phone, such as PiPcall. For example, employees no longer have to carry around multiple devices, use a business phone they’re unfamiliar with, give out their personal phone number to clients, or use their personal mobile minutes to make business calls.

But aside from the benefits BYOD solutions can provide to an employee, there has to be an incentive for the boss too. And in the case of utilising a BYOD solution, this motivation can often be based on forecasted cost savings. Businesses need to save money wherever they can – cash flow can be a real problem for SMEs. Therefore, anything to help preserve resources can be extremely helpful. And a BYOD solution such as PiPcall can do just that.

How PiPcall’s BYOD solution can save your business money:

Pipcall’s BYOD solution can save your business money in more ways than one – and in ways you may not consider at first.

  • Hardware is the biggest cause of savings when you utilise a BYOD solution. When employees use business phones, the hardware is at the employer’s expense. Any repairs, replacement, insurance or upgrades of the handset are paid for by the employer. And with smartphones weighing in at £1,000 and over nowadays it’s a huge help to the business’ bottom line. When utilising their own device, employees are likely to look after it better. They are also likely to re-buy or upgrade their technology automatically whenever they want a change or are no longer happy with their devices’ capabilities. This means the business continues to have employees using up-to-date technology; without footing the bill.
  • Save admin time & resources. When employees use their personal mobile phones to make calls, the business will have to reimburse them for these calls. This is a finicky process that requires trawling through an employee’s phone records, working out how much a call would cost, and differentiating between business and personal usage. As well as reimbursing employees the money for these calls, this also wastes valuable resources, as the admin time is taken up by this menial task. With PiPcall’s BYOD solution, this is completely removed from the process. The business calls made by employees from their personal phones come directly out of the PiPcall call package. One centralised bill is paid for by the company – it’s as simple as that.
  • PiPcall’s telecommunication packages can save your business money on call costs. PiPcall’s extremely competitive pricing model has been developed to cater to teams of all sizes, but all billing models give you access to PiPcall’s excellent features. All contracts feature unlimited UK business phone calls, and contracts can cost just £8 per month, per user. Want to know how much your business could save on the cost of telecommunications when using PiPcall? Find out with the help of our Savings Calculator, here.
  • When utilising PiPcall’s BYOD solution, it allows employees to work wherever, whenever. When employees carry around and interact with the phone that they use for business constantly, they are likely to be more productive. In addition to this, the freedom to work wherever allows for employees to work from home and remotely. This in itself can save the business money – the less overheads necessary, the better for profit.

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