Create A Call Queue That Best Suits Your Business

All inbound calls to your main business number are directed to your staff in an order you define. To ensure the call gets through to a member of the team each PiP app rings a set number of times, if there is no answer, the the next PiP user is called.

The calling order can be configured in many ways:

  • Static, as in John >> Sally >> Mike, or
  • Dynamic, as in John is on the phone so the call goes straight through to Sally

If nobody answers then the call can be diverted to Voicemail.

The PiP app can be downloaded onto all Apple and Android smartphones. Staff using the app on their personal phones incur zero costs making or receiving calls via the app, thanks to our patented technology. All calls are made over the mobile voice network resulting in greater call quality wherever staff are located.

To discover a completely new and versatile business phone system, simply click on the link and begin your 30-day free trial period.