4 reasons why PiPcall will improve your business communications

Is your business phone system painfully restrictive? We have an agile alternative that will make your employees vastly more interconnected without being tied to their desk phone. 

PiPcall is a business phone system that allows your employees to make work-related calls from any location on their personal device. 

Being both flexible and dynamic, PiPcall will grow with your business as it helps your business to grow. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Keep the same phone number: Everything can be set up to work alongside existing phone systems.
  • Adaptable to change: All contracts are flexible. When you grow and want to scale, you can switch to different contracts to suit your needs. 
  • Make business calls on the move: No desk phones and no redundant hardware. All you need is a smartphone.
  • Make high-quality business calls without Wi-Fi: PiPcall uses the mobile voice network so you can make calls regardless of your location. 

With this solution, your workforce can enjoy a more dynamic way of communicating that’s optimal for remote working. 

To discover a completely new and versatile business phone system, simply click on the link below to begin your 30-day free trial period.