A Unique Business Phone System App

A Business Phone System App
For Everyone

PiPcall is a business mobile phone app that can be used by every single member of your team, from the COO to the executive assistant. Solving multiple financial and professional pain points for admins and app-users, our solution is one that can eliminate the need for cumbersome call forwarding solutions and expensive business mobiles.

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21st Century Connectivity In A Business Call App

PiPcall offers a host of unique business phone features. As a business phone system in an app its quick and cost effective to deploy to teams. This makes it perfect for business owners with staff of around 1 to 50, or the heads of department/I.T managers with responsibility for the telecommunications of teams from 50 – 100.

The full service business call app completely replaces the need for business mobile to be purchased and deployed to teams. Supplying teams with the right business device has been costly and has for years provided more challenges and problems than it actually solves. PiPcall streamlines business communications whilst facilitating easy management of work-contacts and users within a sophisticated admin portal.

The Benefits Of Our Business Call App For Business Owners?

By using PiPcall as a business mobile phone service you may be able to reduce your telecommunications spending by up to 90%. This could be achieved in a number of ways, for example:

  • You can eliminate the expense of purchasing multiple (often 100+) advanced smartphone devices – offering replacements for outdated, broken or lost devices also inflates this cost.
  • Great value and generous call bundles and super low international call costs – dramatically reducing the day to day operational costs of running a telephone system.
  • By effacing entirely, the costs associated with business mobile phone insurance and replacements, as well as general wear and tear.
  • We have a portal in place for overarching management of every PiPcall enabled device. This means that as the overall owner of the PiPcall system you can easily and simply maintain and manage your business mobile phone service.
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The Benefits Of Our Business Call App For Staff 

The benefits for your staff and your team are varied and far reaching. We have summarised the very best of these benefits for you below:

  • Our integrated call plans don’t eat into your employee’s personal mobile phone plans. This means that your employees will never incur any charges by exceeding their personal plans. We have separate business billing in place.
  • Because PiPcall is installed directly onto an employee mobile phone, no other devices are needed, therefore the IT departments don’t have to hold a stock of replacement devices, spare chargers, cables and cases. Thus streamlines business costs and simplifies your company’s business mobile phone service.
  • You actively improve the work-life balance of your staff; owing to the integrated do not disturb functionality – once engaged all business calls will be directed to a dedicated business voicemail that is housed within the app itself.
  • Flexibility and end-user experience have been prioritised within the PiPcall app itself to provide your staff with an unmatched business mobile phone service without the business mobile phone!