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You have a list of a thousand things to do. Trialing software and telecoms takes up time you don’t have. That’s why we’ve made PiPcall easy for you and your team to trial. We want you to be in the best possible position to join PiPcall by the end of the trial.

Here are the top five ways we’ve made PiPcall easy to trial

1You can use your existing business number

If you have existing business mobile and / or desk phones it can be difficult to get the most out of a trial. It needs to be part of your day to day operations. With PiPcall you can connect your existing business number to the app for the duration of the trial. Simply click here to start creating your account and choose “Use Existing”.

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Quick to set up

You can register, download the app and start calling in less than 5 minutes. All the set up happens during the registration process so once you download the app you are free to make and receive calls. It takes even less time to add colleagues. As the Account Admin you can assign new numbers or connect existing business numbers. Users within your business are notified through email and simply verify their own details and download the app onto their personal phone. From this point they are free to make and receive calls.

3Access to all features

You can add as many of your team as necessary. Plus, all trialists have access to all the features and capabilities of the PiPcall app and admin portal.

Key Features

PiPcall App

  • A new landline or mobile number or use your existing number
  • Make UK and international calls at no cost to the user
  • Dedicated business voicemail
  • Dedicated business directory for managing business contacts

Admin portal

  • Adding and removing employees
  • Assigning new or existing business numbers to employees
  • Checking call usage
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Manage business contacts

It doesn’t cost your business anything

PiPcall makes calls over the GSM network instead of data like VoIP and cloud apps. Read more here. Because of this, calls made with the PiPcall app do not use your employees call plans. This means you don’t have to worry about any costs incurred by employees during the trial.

It’s free to use

You and your employees can make calls to UK mobile and landline numbers for free plus 100 international call minutes to selected destinations for free. There are no contracts to sign or credit card details needed.

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3 Days Free

Try PiPcall free for 3 days. No credit card or contract required.

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